"All colors will agree in the dark" - Francis Beacon

Greetings Green Bee Community!

You may have noticed that our Power Greens juice over the last week or two is darker than normal - a dark “hunter green” instead of the vibrant “grass green” you may be used to. 

The color of our juices depend on the produce we use. Green Bee Juicery is committed to sourcing locally and supporting our communities gardens. This month, we have been sourcing the majority of our kale from a medicine garden “Mashkiikii Gitigan”, created by the 24th Street Urban Farm Coalition in South Minneapolis, and sponsored by the Women’s Environmental Institute. This urban farm supplied us with the highest quality local and organic kale, in all different colors - green, red, and purple! 


When we use the red and purple kale, our green juices become darker. It is the same nutrient-dense Power Greens, just not as pretty! 

As always, if any questions or feedback arise, let us know! Your support as customers is what allows Green Bee to support local small farms and provide the best juice in the Twin Cities!


Green Bee Juicery

Mama Life

Mallory and I ventured into Green Bee because we believe, we know, that food is medicine.  We have witnessed it and experienced it first hand. Never have I felt this more acutely than when I was pregnant with my second child, Fergus.  The juices were enjoyable during pregnancy, sure, and gave me a little pep in my step. And those Power Greens made up for all the salads I was not eating during those 9 months.  But it wasn't until the postpartum period that it really hit me - these juices saved. my. life.  No seriously, I am not even being dramatic - I don't have time for drama.  After my second unplanned c-section following a long and difficult labor, I found myself lying in a hospital bed needing to be healed in a major way.  Enter Mallory.  She arrived with juices in tow - I distinctly remember the bright orange glow radiating from the Turmeric Glow and the creamy goodness of the Vanilla Cinnamon Cashew Milk - my own little piece of dreamy heaven.  Full disclosure for complete healing - she also brought chocolate chip cookies from Patisserie 46 - which I highly recommend no matter where you are in life. 

Ok, sorry, chocolate chip cookies and all things Patisserie 46 easily distract me.  I was beyond thrilled to welcome our second child and first boy, Fergus Walker into this world.  I also was completely, and totally, depleted.  Like beyond exhausted.  The labor and surgery were catching up to me, and quick. Soon after he was born, I could feel all of those nutrients used to support his little life leave my body as well.  And then trying to breastfeed my new little bundle of joy! I could actually feel my body digging deep for resources and nutrients to pass on to my little guy.  

My initial Green Bee delivery by Mallory, and subsequent weekly deliveries as part of my Green Bee membership (we didn't own Green Bee at the time!) were true lifesavers.  I could feel raw, live nutrients being pumped into my system and breathing new life into my mind and into my body at a time when I was desperately trying to keep up with the demands of my new life as a mama of two.  

Fast forward 2 years.  Mallory and I are the proud owners of this wonderful food as medicine vessel. I am 9 months pregnant with our 3rd child (boy or girl?  We don't know - it will be our little tie-breaking breaking baby!).  Inspired, always, by using food as medicine, we are beyond excited and honored to offer our new Mama Tote.  This is the perfect gift for that new mama in your life, yourself included.  It is full of love and nourishment at time when our minds and bodies need it the most. Filling ourselves with rich, nutrient dense sustenance after birth provides a window of opportunity to reduce the likelihood of post-partum challenges such as depression, anxiety, and thyroid dysregulation. Most critically, it supports the nourishment of a very important life – the mama's life!  The mama tote is now available on our website.  If you see me at the kitchen, at the market, or just (waddling) around town, please stop and ask me about it! We couldn't be happier to offer this to our Green Bee community.  

In love and nourishment

XOXO Michaela

Taking the Membership plunge...eek!

I’ll never forget the day I tried my first Green Bee Juice. It was a hot Minneapolis summer morning and I was immediately attracted to the refreshing and delicious qualities of the cold-pressed juice. I had tried other cold-pressed juices before, but I could tell there was something different about these recipes; something special about the way they were curated. I signed up for Green Bee’s membership program a few days later and never looked back.

I didn’t realize at the time that the membership option would allow for nourishment in my life beyond the 16oz jars of juice.  The weekly deliveries of raw, organic juice not only provided consistent nutrients, but it also afforded me the gifts of time, energy, and connection with others. I no longer had to hobble through the cumbersome juicing process on my own at home. I had a team of experts who I could rely on so that I could nourish myself in other ways. I felt more vibrant and present in my daily life and was excited about bringing my juice to share with friends and family at potlucks or gatherings so that they could experience the benefits, too. My love for Green Bee converted me from customer to owner and I’m as proud as ever to share the value of Green Bee’s membership.

Green Bee’s Juice Membership

  • Discounted juice! Who doesn’t love that?
  • Free delivery if you live w/in 5 miles of the kitchen or reduced delivery fee if you live outside of 5 miles
  • Interested in cleansing? Members get 15% off of all cleanses
  • Want to rep Green Bee? You’ll get 10% off our totally cute tees and totes!
  • You’ll be the first to try new recipes and products – we’re constantly working to create the best customer experience

If you’re ready to join us, we’re ready to have you! 

Sign up here: https://www.greenbeejuicery.com/membership/

Or be in touch with questions!

Love and Juice,



4th of July Weekend Self-Care

Fourth of July celebrations often bring a little extra time to be outside and enjoy time with those we love. But it can also end up being a time of busy BBQ schedules and a few too many libations. As we gear up to recognize our nation’s independence, Green Bee has put together a few tips for feeling great rather than depleted after the celebration is over.

1.     Down-shift

We all experience stress. Stress leads to chronic inflammation, associated with every major age-related disease. Think of a few ways to unwind this weekend, like taking a nap, going for a walk, or even spending a few extra moments in the morning to slowly enjoy a cup of coffee.

2.     Connect

Connect with others and most importantly with yourself. Prioritize the people and activities that make you feel great.

3.     Move Naturally

We don’t mean you need to lift weights or run a marathon. Instead, pay attention to being in an environment that constantly nudges you into moving without thinking about it. Gardening, anyone?

4.     Feed your body well

Good food fuels your body, so make sure you eat and drink high-quality ingredients. Check out a farmer's market this weekend and load up on your fresh fruits and veggies!

5.     Make sleep a priority

We know from research studies that chronic lack of sleep has adverse health consequences, so take advantage of the long weekend to catch your zzzs!

We hope these ideas help you recharge and start next week feeling fresh.

Love and Juice,

Mallory and Michaela 

Retreats and Dilly Bars

What are you doing this weekend to celebrate dad or an important paternal figure in your life?  Or more importantly, what is he doing to celebrate his journey as your mentor or role model?

I can tell you what Mallory and I will be doing to celebrate our dad.  Or more aptly, what he does to celebrate fatherhood - he goes on a 4-day silent retreat. I know.  The joys of fatherhood would suggest time with those who made you a father!  But not this dad.  This is how he/we have celebrated Father's Day weekend for as long as I can remember.  He takes the opportunity to retreat from the activity of 7 children into silence, reflection, and contemplation.  In fairness, it was a weekend he was able to spend with his father who began the tradition many years ago.  Upon his return Sunday evening, we would always try our hardest to be on our best behavior for as long as we could.  You can imagine how long that lasted ;)

This Father's Day, I will also be (silently) celebrating my dad's slow and steady conversion to drinking Green Bee juice, or as he has named it, "Beetle Juice."  You all need to recognize what a feat this has been for Mallory and I.  Seriously. We need a slow clap and major pat on the back for this one. Our dad is a 2-dilly-bar-per-night kind of guy.  Yes, you read that right. Each night, our dad goes down to the freezer, grabs a DQ Dilly Bar, and enjoys every moment of it.  About an hour later, he repeats the same ritual.  While we have no (delusional) intention of changing this behavior, we hoped to be able to offer him balance.  Over the course of the last 6 months, he has progressed from never trying a Green Bee juice, to consuming one juice per day. He has been taking this responsibility particularly seriously the past few weeks with my mom out of town - he can't let any food go to waste!  

Don't judge.  For right or for wrong, I get such satisfaction from knowing that my dad is providing his mind and body with such wonderful nourishment each day.  We may not be able to break that 2-dilly-bar-per-day habit, but we can offer him nourishment and love in celebration of his journey as our father, mentor, and role-model. 

Here is to many more years of silent retreats, dilly bars, and cold-pressed juice!




Nourishment and Community

Born and raised in Minnesota, I could list a hundred reasons why I’m proud to call the Twin Cities home. From our parks and bike trails to our specialty coffee and breweries, we have a lot to brag about. And I’ve decided that the best day of the whole year in Minnesota, the one that really shows off our city and our people best, is Twin Cities’ Marathon day.

Regardless of whether I show up to participate or spectate, there’s nothing better than watching participants of all ages and abilities complete 26.2 miles.  But even more impressive than the actual mileage put in on marathon the day is the preparation and commitment that goes on all summer long and the way our community supports one another in their goals.

Drawing on my own experience as a runner, I will make the argument that success on race day, or any other day for that matter, comes down to the same two components that Green Bee is founded on:

Nourishment and Community

 Training for or working toward any goal takes more than the physical work put in; it’s also about how the mind, body, and soul are cared for in the way of nutrient intake, sleep, relationships and stress management. It’s also about how you are supported by the people and environment around you.

Nourishment and Community are at the heart of everything we do at Green Bee. We are proud to offer nutrient dense, life-giving juices and nut milks that aid in nourishing and replenishing our bodies and to be a part of cultivating such a strong and vibrant community. 

We have found great success in facing every goal we have - whether it’s a marathon or just making it through a Monday morning - with nourishment and community and we’re confident that you would, too.

Curious about how raw juice fits into your lifestyle? Get in touch. Orders@greenbeejuicery.com

For the Love Of Juice. And the Unknown.

Can you think of a time in your life when you’ve decided to pursue something new despite the fear and uncertainty that tends to accompany the unknown? I’ve had a few of those defining moments in my life – where the excitement of chasing a new opportunity collided with self-doubt and “what-ifs”? I felt this as an 18-year-old moving away from home for the first time and as a 22-year-old starting my first full time job. I feel it every time I line up at the starting line of a marathon. Hell, I’ve had that feeling trying to get tickets to a Beyoncé concert. But I felt it truer than ever when my sister, Michaela, and I took ownership over Green Bee Juicery.

Michaela and I are learning every day on this uncertain and exciting adventure as Green Bee’s owners and we’d like to invite you along for the ride. Let us know what you’re currently loving and what you’d like to see for the future. Science lovers by background, we aim to bring you products that research can show are wildly beneficial; the vitality and strength of our Green Bee community being at the root of each business decision. So, come with us. Join us as we dive heart first into our love for cold-pressed juice and the terrifyingly thrilling unknown.

Love and Juice,


ps, we'd really love to know what your preferences are for expanded retail hours. Let us know here!

Get in touch: orders@greenbeejuicery.com