"All colors will agree in the dark" - Francis Beacon

Greetings Green Bee Community!

You may have noticed that our Power Greens juice over the last week or two is darker than normal - a dark “hunter green” instead of the vibrant “grass green” you may be used to. 

The color of our juices depend on the produce we use. Green Bee Juicery is committed to sourcing locally and supporting our communities gardens. This month, we have been sourcing the majority of our kale from a medicine garden “Mashkiikii Gitigan”, created by the 24th Street Urban Farm Coalition in South Minneapolis, and sponsored by the Women’s Environmental Institute. This urban farm supplied us with the highest quality local and organic kale, in all different colors - green, red, and purple! 


When we use the red and purple kale, our green juices become darker. It is the same nutrient-dense Power Greens, just not as pretty! 

As always, if any questions or feedback arise, let us know! Your support as customers is what allows Green Bee to support local small farms and provide the best juice in the Twin Cities!


Green Bee Juicery