Nourishment and Community

Born and raised in Minnesota, I could list a hundred reasons why I’m proud to call the Twin Cities home. From our parks and bike trails to our specialty coffee and breweries, we have a lot to brag about. And I’ve decided that the best day of the whole year in Minnesota, the one that really shows off our city and our people best, is Twin Cities’ Marathon day.

Regardless of whether I show up to participate or spectate, there’s nothing better than watching participants of all ages and abilities complete 26.2 miles.  But even more impressive than the actual mileage put in on marathon the day is the preparation and commitment that goes on all summer long and the way our community supports one another in their goals.

Drawing on my own experience as a runner, I will make the argument that success on race day, or any other day for that matter, comes down to the same two components that Green Bee is founded on:

Nourishment and Community

 Training for or working toward any goal takes more than the physical work put in; it’s also about how the mind, body, and soul are cared for in the way of nutrient intake, sleep, relationships and stress management. It’s also about how you are supported by the people and environment around you.

Nourishment and Community are at the heart of everything we do at Green Bee. We are proud to offer nutrient dense, life-giving juices and nut milks that aid in nourishing and replenishing our bodies and to be a part of cultivating such a strong and vibrant community. 

We have found great success in facing every goal we have - whether it’s a marathon or just making it through a Monday morning - with nourishment and community and we’re confident that you would, too.

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Kayd Roy

Freelance Graphic Designer in Minneapolis