Retreats and Dilly Bars

What are you doing this weekend to celebrate dad or an important paternal figure in your life?  Or more importantly, what is he doing to celebrate his journey as your mentor or role model?

I can tell you what Mallory and I will be doing to celebrate our dad.  Or more aptly, what he does to celebrate fatherhood - he goes on a 4-day silent retreat. I know.  The joys of fatherhood would suggest time with those who made you a father!  But not this dad.  This is how he/we have celebrated Father's Day weekend for as long as I can remember.  He takes the opportunity to retreat from the activity of 7 children into silence, reflection, and contemplation.  In fairness, it was a weekend he was able to spend with his father who began the tradition many years ago.  Upon his return Sunday evening, we would always try our hardest to be on our best behavior for as long as we could.  You can imagine how long that lasted ;)

This Father's Day, I will also be (silently) celebrating my dad's slow and steady conversion to drinking Green Bee juice, or as he has named it, "Beetle Juice."  You all need to recognize what a feat this has been for Mallory and I.  Seriously. We need a slow clap and major pat on the back for this one. Our dad is a 2-dilly-bar-per-night kind of guy.  Yes, you read that right. Each night, our dad goes down to the freezer, grabs a DQ Dilly Bar, and enjoys every moment of it.  About an hour later, he repeats the same ritual.  While we have no (delusional) intention of changing this behavior, we hoped to be able to offer him balance.  Over the course of the last 6 months, he has progressed from never trying a Green Bee juice, to consuming one juice per day. He has been taking this responsibility particularly seriously the past few weeks with my mom out of town - he can't let any food go to waste!  

Don't judge.  For right or for wrong, I get such satisfaction from knowing that my dad is providing his mind and body with such wonderful nourishment each day.  We may not be able to break that 2-dilly-bar-per-day habit, but we can offer him nourishment and love in celebration of his journey as our father, mentor, and role-model. 

Here is to many more years of silent retreats, dilly bars, and cold-pressed juice!