Mama Life

Mallory and I ventured into Green Bee because we believe, we know, that food is medicine.  We have witnessed it and experienced it first hand. Never have I felt this more acutely than when I was pregnant with my second child, Fergus.  The juices were enjoyable during pregnancy, sure, and gave me a little pep in my step. And those Power Greens made up for all the salads I was not eating during those 9 months.  But it wasn't until the postpartum period that it really hit me - these juices saved. my. life.  No seriously, I am not even being dramatic - I don't have time for drama.  After my second unplanned c-section following a long and difficult labor, I found myself lying in a hospital bed needing to be healed in a major way.  Enter Mallory.  She arrived with juices in tow - I distinctly remember the bright orange glow radiating from the Turmeric Glow and the creamy goodness of the Vanilla Cinnamon Cashew Milk - my own little piece of dreamy heaven.  Full disclosure for complete healing - she also brought chocolate chip cookies from Patisserie 46 - which I highly recommend no matter where you are in life. 

Ok, sorry, chocolate chip cookies and all things Patisserie 46 easily distract me.  I was beyond thrilled to welcome our second child and first boy, Fergus Walker into this world.  I also was completely, and totally, depleted.  Like beyond exhausted.  The labor and surgery were catching up to me, and quick. Soon after he was born, I could feel all of those nutrients used to support his little life leave my body as well.  And then trying to breastfeed my new little bundle of joy! I could actually feel my body digging deep for resources and nutrients to pass on to my little guy.  

My initial Green Bee delivery by Mallory, and subsequent weekly deliveries as part of my Green Bee membership (we didn't own Green Bee at the time!) were true lifesavers.  I could feel raw, live nutrients being pumped into my system and breathing new life into my mind and into my body at a time when I was desperately trying to keep up with the demands of my new life as a mama of two.  

Fast forward 2 years.  Mallory and I are the proud owners of this wonderful food as medicine vessel. I am 9 months pregnant with our 3rd child (boy or girl?  We don't know - it will be our little tie-breaking breaking baby!).  Inspired, always, by using food as medicine, we are beyond excited and honored to offer our new Mama Tote.  This is the perfect gift for that new mama in your life, yourself included.  It is full of love and nourishment at time when our minds and bodies need it the most. Filling ourselves with rich, nutrient dense sustenance after birth provides a window of opportunity to reduce the likelihood of post-partum challenges such as depression, anxiety, and thyroid dysregulation. Most critically, it supports the nourishment of a very important life – the mama's life!  The mama tote is now available on our website.  If you see me at the kitchen, at the market, or just (waddling) around town, please stop and ask me about it! We couldn't be happier to offer this to our Green Bee community.  

In love and nourishment

XOXO Michaela