Green Bee is on a mission to help others heal and nourish themselves. We cold-press our juice from fresh local produce. Our cold-pressed juicing process maintains the integrity of the produce used and allows for peak enzyme activity to ensure that the juice you consume delivers live, active nutrients to your body. Our juice and nutmilks are always raw, never heated or pasteurized in any way, giving you the most nutrient dense, rich juice that offers amazing health benefits. 

Our recipes are carefully crafted with a particular health focus in mind to support our minds and bodies.  Each ingredient has a purpose. We are unabashed research nerds.  If the science doesn’t support it, we don’t offer it.   

Green Bee sources its produce from local farms whenever possible.  The farmers and growers in our community are dedicated to growing organically and in environmentally sustainable ways.  We are passionate about supporting and nourishing the community that sustains us.



The Green Bee team is made up of urban farmers and juicing enthusiasts.
If you're interested in joining our team email:

Green Bee Juicery